A Wordpress Subscription Plugin

The simple and easy way to collect subscribers on your Wordpress website.

Welcome to a subscription form made simpler and easier to use
Nylon Subscription Form

Basic Nylon subscription form gives you a variety of fine options


Add headlines and subheadings for forms


Allow users to subscribe to categories that exist in your site
Nylon Form

Featured Image

For each form you can set a well integrated image

Form Fields

Super easy to customize form fields makes it fun to create forms


Always important to make sure people agree before subscribe
Simple Dropdown Form

Nylon form can dropdown from top of the browser seamlessly to create an uninterrupted user experience

Nylon Top Bar Form
Amazing Transition Effects

We have included a great array of transition effects for the forms

Elegant Form Builder

Nylon form builder is developed with minimal design yet powerful for great customization capabilities at your finger tips.

Exciting features

the amazing features that are built into nylon forms

These are just a few of the features of Nylon, there are so many other neat features build into this plugin!

Need help with Nylon?

Are you stuck or having issues with the Nylon plugin? Don't worry, drop us a line on our support forum or search for topics related to your issues that have already been answered for quick solutions.