Last updated: 2 years ago

We currently do not support Automatic Updates for the Nylon Plugin, since we do not foresee many updates needing released or fixes being published, please follow the instructions on how to Manually update the Nylon plugin below:

*Note: You can always follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and releases to Nylon @nylonplugin 

Step 1: Please enable the Update Notifications via your Code Canyon Downloads Page seen here:



Step 2: Download the latest update manually from the Code Canyon page and save the ZIP file.

  • Note: If the file you download is named something other than please open the ZIP file and extract the folder inside which should be named “nylon”

Step 3: Visit your Plugins directory via your FTP or File Manager and simply replace the all the files in the /nylon directory.

Need help with Nylon?

Are you stuck or having issues with the Nylon plugin? Don't worry, drop us a line on our support forum or search for topics related to your issues that have already been answered for quick solutions.